Forever Falling
Corners stare

Corners stare

In the center it’s too bright… and silent
Dark corners stare at me and yearn
Without shame, or curves, or exits;
Timeless and stale I am defined by my confinement

No space, no substance, just cornered I
Light surrounds and color blinds
Shadows gray they threaten me
I am their maker… yet their slave

The corners stare… my imperfection…
I’m standing still though changing shape
I want to please, I chase salvation
But corners stare… at something else

I am a double, I am fake
I am the fruit of my imagining
A mirror cracks and faces me
It shows me I… and corners stare

Timeless yes… but I am late
In looking back I find regret
The other I is empty time
I see myself and corners fade…

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