Forever Falling



Take the time to fall asleep
Pause… and look in your own keep
There is nothing in your dreams
Always empty as it seems

You may dream too much awake
Not too good for your own sake
Dreams are meant for something else
Never ending in one phase

So you sleep a dreamless sleep
Never counting any sheep
And you dream a sleepless dream
Always in the same old theme

Now close your eyes and sleep away
Knowing nothing will betray
Your stale sleep stability
And the calmness of your sea…

In the dark under your lids
Nothing happens, nothing breathes
Purest void is taking place
Darkest cold is filling space

Stay like that for all night through
Sleep your sleep and be as new;
Hours pass in a moment’s time
Now dawn is here but passing by…

Then close to noon, you start to shiver
Sweaty, greasy and with fever
Your senses stir and come alive
Your body rests still for a while

You pick up smell, you hear a hum
Then start to feel the sheets you’re on
Your consciousness is back again
Yet you can’t see a single thing

Your eyes are closed, your body still
But all around you – you can feel
You question reason, think of cause
You cannot dream so you oppose:

‘This is not real, it cannot be
I am awake but I’m not free.’
You try to scream but mute remain
Your tongue is heavy, your lips are strain

You can’t control your body’s limbs
And wonder how your heart still beats
You struggle hard to move a bit
But nothing happens – so you submit

No more fighting, take it in
Accept your state and look within
Calm yourself and think things trough
You are your own self-conscious truth

But the attempt to calm yourself
Is interrupted without prep:
The hum you heard is now a mumble
Nervous, hectic, getting louder.

“Who is it there? Are you for real?
Where is this, why are we here?
Do my thoughts reach you somehow?
Can you hear my inner shout?”

There’s someone here that you can feel
You sense his presence closing in
His screams of rage flood you with fear
And now his words… have become clear:

“Free your mind, kill everything
Your life is nothing but a dream
Death is now a constant theme
And you’re acting your last scene”

You still can’t move nor can you speak
These words of death have made you sick
Echoes so distant they feel right
They are the same but not just quite:

“In your mind there’s a machine
Your petty life is but a dream
Your every move – another scheme
Designed by tools that don’t believe”

You’re feeling nauseous- your head hurts
From all the nonsense in those words
What does this mean, what do you want
What is the reason for this haunt?

The presence moves without diversion
It’s closing in, armed with aggression
Its echoes choke and then contain you
Its every word cannot withstand you:

“In your mind there’s a machine
It wants to live, it wants to dream
Only through death can it be freed
Only your blood can be its seed”

Your numbing fear has turned to anger
The nearing shout is now a strangle
Smothered by this articulate cancer
You’re slowly dying, missing the answer

What does it want, what does it need?
What would it take to let you breath?
You went from fear to rage and now to panic
From lack of air you’re now lethargic

The only things that you still feel
Are endless peace and lack of will
As you accept that this is real
And there’s no escape from this ordeal

So you let go- and come undone
Resting in peace under a setting sun
You fell asleep in your own slumber
Only to find yourself awake deep under

And as you woke up from this dream
You came to find you’re in a Scene
Gloomy and grim its title’s Final
And the whole stage’s about to crumble

But this last scene is not a dream:
You are awake but a machine
Possessed by conscience and by will
An unborn infant starts to breathe

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