Forever Falling
Prom night

Prom night

It’s prom night once again: such a magical night, full of high hopes and great expectations. You’re wearing your father’s satin tuxedo that’s one size too big, a pair of sneakers one size too small and way too much hair gel. But all that doesn’t matter because the most beautiful theme in all of WordPress has accepted your invitation on this special night.

While reaching for the doorbell with one hand, with the other you push your thick framed glasses back at the top of your nose. You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long you can’t even believe it’s happening. Is this real? Is this really happening to you? The ring of the doorbell stirs up movement and muffed voices on the other side of the door. It’s like a dream: the door opens, a couple of blurry figures greet you, mumble something and invite you in.

You find yourself inside, alone again and holding a bouquet that you weren’t even aware of before. And before you even begin to realize where you are, she starts climbing down the wooden stairs. You find it harder and harder to breath and your senses are beginning to play tricks on you. She cannot be real – all this beauty, all this style, these perfect shapes, these subtle movements – all come together so perfect and natural in this artful masterpiece. What did you do to deserve this?

Your hands go numb and the flowers slip through your sweaty fingers. Rose petals and bloody thorns are scattered at your feet as she approaches in slow motion. Your eyes cannot handle all this magnificence, you’re seeing double, triple – she’s multiplying before your very eyes: she can be the sweetest candy or a bitter drink, she can color up your life or bleach it into a gray depression, she can shine upon your existence or she can smother you within her dark embrace.

She can and will be everything you ever wanted. And she’s standing right before you. Make your move!

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