Forever Falling
In the shadow

In the shadow

Kay likes to imagine himself sitting in a dark corner. Cold and suffering, miserable and misunderstood he likes to imagine lying in that damp corner staring at Zed – a bright Zed, full of color and flickering spotlights. He’s looking at Zed as he solves problems, chit-chats and smiles while giving out autographs. Kay sees himself as Zed’s twin evil brother with a plan to take over the world; but there’s a flaw to his dream: Zed is already evil so that would make Kay the good, caring and loving sibling? Unacceptable says Kay.

So Kay imagines himself a crooked shrub living in the shadow of a great oak tree. He gives this tree a name – Zed and blames him for the lack of sun. I need to see the sun, I need to feel his warmth and let his golden rays caress my dry leaves. But Zed has no fault in this. The sun is up there for us all, he says, instead of throwing blame you should learn to grow sideways. Unacceptable says Kay.

So Kay imagines Tempera. He imagines Tempera until his inspiration and imagination both run dry. He closes his eyes and sees a land of infinite love and warmth, a land of contrast and light, of colors and shadows – a land where all trees have the same height. He imagines Tempera until it becomes real, then makes a post about it thanking Zed for all the support and uploads a couple of images for the sun to see. Acceptable says Zed.

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