Forever Falling
Deconstructing Nirvana

Deconstructing Nirvana


{…the final pages of the DECONSTRUCTING NIRVANA screenplay…}

A broken down, U-shaped motel in the middle of the desert. A few cars parked outside, a couple of rooms lit. Distant cricket sounds.
A speeding car pulls in askew, the driver exits the car in a hurry, leaving the motor running and the door open. He heads towards one of the bright motel rooms, reloads a shotgun then smashes open the door.

The room is empty but the TV is on some cartoon-only station with a loud volume. A tall shadow is visible on the wall heading towards the bathroom.
STEPHEN REDD, 38, aims the shotgun towards the bathroom hall.


I can see you Jack! You little coward, in hiding as always. Hiding in a bathroom like the piece of steaming crap
that you are. Get out of there or I’ll come and flush you

JACK, 32, stays hidden. His shadow slowly pulls up a handgun.


I see you’re ready for this. So what are we waiting for, you toilet clog?


We’ve been expecting you, Stevie. Mr. 45mm and I have been waiting for you for quite some time now. We watched a late night thriller, ordered some room service, complete with their most expensive champagne and well, let’s just say that you couldn’t have picked a worse moment to show your ugly mustache smeared face. Hiding is not what I was doing in here.



Are you telling me I actually caught you on the john?



I’ve still got my pants down you bastard. There’s still some wiping to do if you’re into this kind of kinky stuff.



Well I got myself here a little piece of pump action that will do all the wiping for me. Why don’t you show me some skin?



Stevie… Stevie… weren’t you paying attention? I slept, I ate, I drank, I just finished taking a giant dump. I got all night, baby. You on the other hand have been driving all night, you’re tired and hungry, you probably feel a desperate need to lay down. Your eyes are begging you to close them. You’re also the uninvited guest to my humble motel room. You’re gonna have to make the first move here.



Oh man, what an image it will be when the Blades show up to this crime scene: Caucasian – Male – in his early 30s, with his pants around his ankles. Dried feces and blood on his underwear, on the walls and the floor. Toilet full of… hey did you get a chance to flush?


Just before STEPHEN REDD gets a chance to finish the question, JACK pulls the gun from around the corner and starts shooting blindly. The bullets hit the windows, the walls, a bedside lamp and even the TV that blows up.
One last bullet gets STEPHEN REDD in the neck. He pulls the trigger on the shotgun as he falls down and shoots the lights.
With the lights out, a trampy red from the neon sign outside fills the room. Gurgling, chocking sounds seem to mimic those heard previously in the cartoons.
After a few moments the sound of the toilet flushing is heard, then JACK enters the room, buckling his pants. He walks calmly towards STEPHEN REDD, that’s still struggling on the floor in a puddle of his own blood.


Oh Stevie, you came all this way, you’ve killed and crippled so many. Cities are in flames because of you, civilizations are at war, whole armies have been set in motion because of your crazy quest.

STEPHEN REDD is looking straight into Jack’s eyes as he struggles to breathe, with one hand trying to stop the blood from gushing out of his neck and with the other desperately trying to grab a hold of the shotgun that’s just out of reach.


You left so much destruction and despair behind you, so much death and misery, only to be stopped mere inches away from your goal by a guy on the toilet. Sad. So sad.

JACK pulls the curtain next to the door and picks up the briefcase behind it. It has GARDEN OF NIRVANA CREATION KIT written on it. With the briefcase in hand he then walks outside, striding over the now lifeless body of STEPHEN REDD.


JACK enters STEPHEN REDD’S CAR (still with the motor running) and throws the briefcase on the passenger’s seat.


With his hands shaking, JACK lights a bent cigarette then puts the car in reverse and looks in the rearview mirror: a mushroom cloud slowly rises in the far distance.
As he pulls another smoke from the cigarette another mushroom cloud appears. Then another.


STEPHEN REDD’S CAR turns around and at the CROSSROADS near the “THE OUTSKIRS” MOTEL the car takes a turn in the direction of the mushroom clouds.



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