Forever Falling
Nextdoor neighbour

Nextdoor neighbour

So now you have absolutely no reason not to drop by your new next-door neighbour, knock on her door and welcome her to the WordPress neighbourhood. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask your wife to bake a cake or maybe a plateful of her famously delicious brownies. Take the wife with you, bring the kids as well and the family dog and you can all greet her the best way you can. Make an impression!

Sure, the wife may get a little jealous, the other neighbours said she’s quite a fox: still single, looks great, very flexible, goes to the gym regularly and is a vegetarian. Nobody knows what she does exactly but you get the impression that she could do pretty much anything and be great at it. And now that you’re standing at her doorstep, looking at her slender figure, man oh man, the things you’d do to with her.

First thing that comes to mind is leave the wife, disown the children, quit your day-job and run away with her. Start a new adventure. Force yourself into a mid-life crisis, risk everything for her and no mater what happens you know there will be no regrets.

You can start a life on the road, you’ve always wanted that. You’ll become a full-time blogger, she’ll be your muse and you’ll write articles of the places you’ll see, the people you’ll meet. Hell, you may even become a published writer at a certain point. There’s poetry coming out of her pores, all you have to do is put that in writing and you have enough material to last you a lifetime.

And there would be love. Oh yes, there would be passionate love; you’ll learn to push all her buttons and she’ll adjust to your every need. Two will become one and one will divide into infinity. Your children will be born out of pure love and complete freedom and you’ll grow into a family. You’ll all become a caravan of love, spreading joy and freedom into the world. Through your love for Tempera, you writings and your offspring, you will become eternal – a transcendent entity that will stand even after existence itself becomes deprecated.

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