Forever Falling
The wait…

The wait…

Is this the moment you’ve been impatiently waiting for? Have you been laying in front of your cobweb dressed monitor with a pale face and a blank stare, passively drooling over your short-circuited keyboard as your hand kept cuddling the ghost of a slime stained mouse that’s actually been dangling slowly on the side of your desk for days, a mouse so miserable that it hanged itself with its own chord?

Have you been waiting for this moment so dreadfully that all you have eaten in the past week have been dusty crumbs, bits of popcorn with ketchup on them and the eventual larva that you’ve found squashed in between the keys of your long dead keyboard? Have you been listening on and on to the same depressing playlist, songs that you’ve learned to love, then loved to hate until finally they became a part of you and they’ll always remind you of ‘the wait’?


Did ‘the wait’ take such a toll on you that everyone around you left, leaving you behind like a drug addict with more needle marks than a severe case of chickenpox? Have you been swaying in that chair for so long that it’s become more like a rocking chair, screeching at your every move and shift, and have you had any dark thoughts where you’re selling your T.V. just so you can pay for your internet connection?

Are your dreams consumed by ‘the wait’, are your mornings sour from lack of caffeine and is it hard to find a reason to look anywhere but directly in front of you- at that shapeless, colorless monitor that made you that promise so long ago: ‘Nirvana is just around the corner’ it said. And you believed it. You needed nothing else, nothing more and trusted with all your heart that it was all you needed to keep going. And while everything around you came crumbling down, that promise kept your essence fresh and you became invulnerable to time and memory.

Now, if only you’d have the means to do a refresh on that browser window you’d find out that Nirvana is finally out. The promise was not a lie and ‘the wait’ is finally over. If only your friends and family hadn’t abandoned you they’d let you know, or at least if you hadn’t quit your job or let your mouse and keyboard die. If only you still had a T.V. to sell and buy yourself a mouse- you’d find out. But now it’s too late. And as you’ll soon find out, vampires don’t necessarily have to be killed, most times they just die out…


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